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Ways to Convince People to See Your Booth During a Trade Show

You might receive invitations to join a trade show or a conference where other companies will be attending too. Such events are your chance to showcase what you have to offer to the public. You will also see a lot of people going around to find information from various companies. You need to maximise your chance of attracting people to buy your products.

You will normally have a booth during a trade show, where people can come if they wish to find more information about your company. These are some crucial tips when you start setting up the booth.

Find a perfect spot 

Usually, the organisers assign a place for you during the trade show. You need to find the ideal location where people can see you. Avoid far-away corners since people will not go there to look for information. They will most likely be in the middle where everyone is. If you do not have the chance to decide where to set up the booth, you need to come up with new gimmicks to attract attention.

Send your best staff 

You also need to send employees to the event to speak about your products and services. They will serve as ambassadors of your business. You need to train them in presenting themselves well, and the company too, during the event. They also need to know how to answer questions. Tell them to wear appropriate clothing. If you have company shirts, the staff can wear them too.

Make it alive and colourful 

These events usually have dozens of companies. You want to stand out since you are fighting over the crowd. You want people to come to your booth. They could be potential customers or not. The goal is to attract these potential customers to come and speak with your employees. They might change their mind after hearing more about what you have to offer. Using colourful decorations will entice them to at least be curious and come closer.

Give freebies 

People go to these events because they know there are freebies available. You can give them promotional merchandise. Choose small items for people who pass by and look at the booth. You can provide something more significant to those who sit down and ask questions.

Use a display stand 

You cannot entertain everyone during the event. Given the number of people coming to your booth and the limited staff you can have in attendance, you need to use trade show displays. The stand shows information that could be useful for people. Take your time in designing the display stand and remember these tips to convince people to stop by and read the information.

These events could be your only chance of meeting people face-to-face. You cannot let go of the opportunity to explain to potential customers what your business can offer and why they need to choose you over other choices. You can also redirect people to your website or social media accounts if they want to get further ideas.