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Six Myths about Website Builders Debunked

Creating a website does not need to be daunting. A good website builder will help in setting up a site and get it running in no time. However, a lot of business owners are misinformed as they believe in the common myths surrounding website builders. But, being aware of these myths can help any business owners make the right decision. These myths include the following:

Website Builders Require Technical and Programming Skills

A website builder is made to people who have little to no technical skills. It makes use of drag-and-drop technology and user-friendly interface design. This way, even the average person can type in texts, upload images, or modify and move any element with a simple click and drag of their mouse. After you perform a website builder comparison, you can use your chosen builder right away.

Editing the Site is Difficult with a Website Building Tool

Website builders are online-based. This means that your web files are hosted on the server of your service provider. Thus, as long as you can connect to the internet and a computer, you can log in to your account, modify elements, and click save or publish and have these changes live wherever you are.

You Need to be a Good Designer to Use a Site Builder

While a basic ability in graphic design is important to design a site that attracts users, you can pick a professionally-designed template if you have no designing background. Most website builders have many templates and you can choose the right one that suits your needs and style.

You Need to Invest in Separate Tools and Applications

The truth is that website builders are designed with a library of free tools and applications you can use for making your site more functional. You can choose either free or paid applications. Some of these applications are built into the site builder while others are fully integrated third-party tools.

It Takes Time to Get your Site Up and Running

Website builders simplify the entire site building process. You begin with pre-designed templates, ready-to-use applications and tools, as well as pre-populated web pages. You only have to add in your own content and click on the Publish button and your content is live.

It is Not Easy to Maintain the Site

Visitors are always looking for something new from your site so you want to keep it updated. You need to offer new information, features, products, and news. The drag-and-drop editor of a website builder makes it easy to update or make changes on your site.