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Most Important Salesforce Metrics That Should Be Tracked By Every Company

Do you know what can actually make a great difference in today’s competitive commercial landscape? Well, it is your ability to see the salesforce metrics that are crucial for your business. How it can be done?

One of the most exciting features of auto dealership software is configurability of the performance dashboard of its company. If it is done correctly, you can be successful in knowing those important salesforce metrics. Creating a sales culture that is data driven is very much important to generate the revenue with great efficiency. The following are the top salesforce metrics for your company’s dashboard.


You can track your leads and easily see where they stand in your pipeline. It is one of the best ways to determine if your efforts for lead nurturing are really working or not. You can then use your observations to custom-fit your engagements with the leads and offer them what they require at their particular pipeline stage.

Up-sell ratio

It is usually easy to sell to the existing clients than the new ones. Most of the businesses make use of up-selling in order to increase their contract value. It is fairly a wise organization-wide strategy. However, the members of the sales team must take care to maintain proper balance between two of them.

Open opportunities

These refer to number of leads that you have on your plate. It basically reflects amount of the work that you require to put in to transform all these leads into sales. In case you have just too much, it is usually best to delegate it to rest of your team. After all, open opportunities will eventually impact your win or loss rate.

Source of your leads

It will tell you which of the marketing efforts you make are worthy investments. It then becomes fairly easier to handle your overall lead generation attempts. You can prioritize your funds on the sources from where you get good returns. It will even give you idea on the lead quality. For example, the leads from the inbound calls and website demos are more sales-ready and qualified than the ones from website blogs.

Closed opportunities

These are closed deals. If you require to constantly keeping an eye on the revenue goals and the sales quota, then the closed opportunities is an easier way for doing it.

Making decisions on the basis of accurate data is always best for businesses. By taking care of the above important salesforce metrics, you will be able to track your salesforce more effectively.