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Let Your Interior Sell Your House for You

As soon as you decide your house is going to be sold, there is planning that needs to start. You need to plan and prioritize what all you will need to do to present your house. This is an important step. You will need to revisit this step often to make adjustments. As you are planning you will want to look at the market and try to determine what niche your house will appeal to and then decorate accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to try to look at your house as a property. Cutting this emotional attachment will help you make the hard decision needed to prep your home to sell.

The interior of your home will have more to do with a potential buyer’s decision on if they are going to buy your house or not. Each room has different key points that a buyer will be looking at. Identifying these key points will help you know where to put your focus. One aspect that will apply to every room is the size and openness of the room. How you decorate a room will have an effect on how large a room looks. Even the smallest room can be made to look larger if done correctly.

  • Kitchen – In the kitchen, the first things that will be noticed is the kitchen cabinets.
  • Bathrooms – In the bathrooms, most will take a good look at the grout and the shower doors. They will be looking for grimy buildup and mold.
  • Master Bedroom – In the master bedroom, the first things that will be noticed is the bed. They look for a large room. This is where minimizing what is in the room will help increase how large the room appears.
  • Spare Bedrooms – In the spare room, the first things that will be noticed is the size.
  • Living Room – In the living room, the first things that will be noticed is the decor. The decor makes the largest impact on the feel of this room. Create a focal point, depersonalize and de-clutter this room,
  • Dining Room – In the dining room, the first things that will be noticed is it openness. The larger the room appears the better.

Getting your house ready to be sold also means having your realtor show your house or having open houses. Whether you do one or the other or both it means people seeing your house. This is where all your hard work will pay off. Now, it is time to make yourself presentable. Making sure you are dressed appropriately is important. You ultimately represent your home. If you need new clothes or other items for staging the house, the best way to save money is to shop online. You more likely to find better sales and there are websites that provide discounts. Groupon.com is one such site. These websites offer these discounts for various merchants. Merchants that are both online and brick and mortar.