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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks Can Be Done Online

If you need to conduct a DBS check, you can do so conveniently online. Ordering an online DBS check is an easy process, provided that you contact the right company. If you are an applicant, you can undergo a DBS ID check in about five minutes. You just need your NI number, your address history for the past five years, and driving licence and passport details. Doing so will make it much easier to complete the online documentation.

Conducting a Check

By accessing a platform presented by a company such as Online SCR, the whole DBS process will go much more quickly. If you are an employer who would like to order a DBS check, you only have to call the company about submitting information. Once you register, you only need to log into your account and click on the “Single Central Record” tab from the primary dashboard. You can also click the “Reminder Notification” tab to review what DBS checks are needed.

A Protective Measure

A DBS check takes about one hour once the information is submitted online. That is what you can expect if you choose a company that boasts a fast turnaround time. The Disclosure and Barring Service represents an entity that allows employers to make better recruitment decisions so they can protect clients, especially in the educational sector.

By having an enhanced DBS check, you can find out if a job candidate has previous convictions on file. You can also have a DBS enhanced with barred check list performed. This check shows if an applicant is listed on a children’s barred list as well.