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Boost your Conversion with Cutting Edge Tools

Closing the deal is very much the core of a successful business, with so much competition, one really has to hone the sales process in a proactive way, always looking for ways to improve. Of course, the people matter – you need a skilled sales force, who, with regular training, will spearhead your business. If you are not already taking full advantage of current technology, this should be rectified. There are many great software products that are designed by experts, specifically for your industry, empowering you to create a professional sales proposal.

Sales Proposal Template

If you are using PowerPoint to create your proposals, you should check out the range of online business templates, which includes sales proposal templates. As with any template, you simply drag and drop your content into predefined areas, while the basic design is already present, and with such a wide range of designs you can incorporate your company colours and logo. It isn’t only the content that the potential client considers, as the way the proposal is presented will tell the buyer a lot about the company.

Project the Right Image

A slick presentation will certainly raise an eyebrow, and providing your credentials are up to scratch, your chances of success are greatly improved. Aside from being visually attractive, the template enables you to embed high resolution video, graphics, images, charts and graphs, plus you can insert web pages, for maximum effect. Perhaps a screenshot of your testimonials page would be a good reminder to the client regarding the level of service they can expect to receive.

Cloud Based Solutions

Making good use of available software can really take your proposals to another level, and with a cloud-based system, you can edit and work on a proposal wherever you are; all you need is a device and an Internet connection. A team can collaborate on a single project, no matter their location, and with everyone contributing, you can be confident the proposal hits the spot. Real time communication with Skype or other VoIP providers is essential for teams, and as you are only going to get one shot at this, the proposal must be top notch.

Enable Job Acceptance

Using an online proposal template, your client can view the content on any type of device, delivering high resolutions and graphics, which are very powerful tools, and once he is happy with everything, a single click confirms the deal. You add buttons to learn more about one specific part of the contract, expanding on prices, and the cloud-based platform is accessible by all stakeholders.

Team Collaboration

You can have a team collaborating on a proposal, all in different locations, yet they can contribute and even brainstorm if they wish, via VoIP platforms such as Skype. The proposal sits online, while each team member works on a particular aspect, and with the ability to embed video, images, graphs and charts, you have the tools to create something impressive.

If you would like to know more about online business templates, a Google search is all it takes.