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Four Job Roles You Could Be Doing in the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry never gets the credit that it deserves. It is a fact that about 90 percent of the things that are in your possession at the moment were probably shipped. Seeing the growing prospect of the shipping industry, there are a number of latest shipping jobs that have been introduced in the market. Irrespective of whether you have a previous experience of sailing or not, the shipping industry has tons of opportunities to choose from and has jobs available for every skill set.

The four job roles that you can take up when working in a shipping industry are:

  1. Shipbroker: The shipbrokers act as an intermediate agent between the owner of the ship and the charterers who wish to hire the ships. They also act as an intermediate between the sellers as well as buyers of the ships. If you are looking forward to land in this job profile, then you are required to have great marketing and sales skills. If you have great networking skill, then this profile suits you the best
  2. Operations: The operations work on different activities like providing back-up, customer service and work on the activities of administration, communication, co-ordination and support. For this job profile, you require persistence and great organizing skills as you will be responsible to make all the tasks run smoothly.
  3. Superintendent: The traditional superintendents are those chief engineers who have decided to work ashore. They are assigned with the task of planned and unplanned costs and maintenance, major repairs and dry docking, audit and surveys of vessels, budget, supervising the crew of the vessel, compliance to the environmental standards, overseeing the results of vetting inspection, investigation of breakdowns, damage and accident control and all the other variables. People with an appropriate experience in the sea or those with a degree in naval architecture or engineering can apply for this particular job profile.
  4. Claims Handler or Manager: Claim is a term that is applicable in different ways in different organizations. When it comes to protection and indemnity, their role is to ensure liability claims. The handlers in this case form the ruling majority because they are assigned with the task of defending the claim of the owners. As far as the owners are concerned, it shows that they have caused some damage to the property in some way or the other. In order to apply for this profile, you must have a good personality and possess important skills like good communication skills and discretion. This job has a lot to do with numbers.